Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Eric the Rain God

Better late than never. At least that's what I'm telling all of you to make myself feel better. So here it is, some pictures of Mr. Eric Persha's time visiting me this past September. He came on late notice, too late for me to appeal to the sun gods to be kind to us. Eric did manage to make the farmers here very happy, upon his arrival he ended a very long dry streak of the wet season. For his short 1 1/2 weeks here it managed to rain every day, most days all day. We still managed to have a fantastic time.

Of all my friends that I wanted to see the Philippines, Eric was atop the list. Not for my own ego of wanting to show off the wonderful place I live, Eric and I live vicariously through one another; I envying his crazy adventures and he mine. I wanted Eric to see the Philippines because from the moment I took my first hike through rice paddies, my first ride on a local banca boat, my first ride through the mountains on a bike, and the first time I scuba dived, I had always known that he would absolutely love it here. While Eric was here I managed to show him a bit of all the pre-mentioned things, and a bit more.

The bit more included the usual must see Filipino stuff, such as; cock fights, local drinking circles, cheap massages, etc. Mostly while doing it all, I felt a bit in repeat mode. I have been very lucky while living here, I have had 8 people from the States and 4 from Europe come to visit me. So showing off the beauty of my Island was something I was already well practiced at.
Yet it was just nice to have 10 days with one of my best friends to relax, talk, and enjoy.

On Eric's last day we decided to throw a "despadida" party. This is a local going away party, and we did it "Barrio" style. We bought a goat, killed it, and made it into one of mine, and Eric's most recent, favorite dishes. Calderata Kanding. Above is the before and below is the after.

I think this was the first vacation that the two of us took together that we weren't both more exhausted after it than before it. Perhaps were growing up, or if not growing up, than growing older.


Blogger airiq_p said...

I look bad-ass with a little blood on my hands!

Thanks again for the tour I'll never forget... or wait, now the we own some land there, I guess I won't need to remember it! We can relive it year after year.

Best luck with the bikeride!

10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pls report on KTV. I need to know places in Palawan.


9:37 PM  

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