Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Buhay na!

Long time. I have been very bad as late at publishing my blogs and posts. It is a combination of many things that have kept me from doing so. It seems as my time grows closer to my leaving date here in the Philippines, roughly three months left, I have less "new and exciting" stories to tell. Perhaps after taking on the now fabled beer truck and loosing all else pails in comparison. I haven't even been snapping as many pictures as I have in the past. I have been doing well, perhaps my life is less exciting, but it is well none the less. My work load is substantially lower than is has been in the past, yet my final project is shaping up well. I am starting to become very proud of it. I have also been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Mom and Dad, who get in next month. I was very surprised and extremely happy to open an email early last week from Eric Persha announcing a last minute plan to come out and visit. He will be arriving tomorrow. As I look at my remaining time here it is filled with visits, planned weekends (Thanksgiving and fiestas), work, diving, and biking. I know that the remaining time will fly by and before I know it I'll be completing this adventure called Peace Corps. Its funny to finally be looking at the final months of my service. Its hard for me at nights to be sitting around with my host family and friends and to think in 3 months time I'll be saying goodbye to them for a long time. Its ironically very similar to the feelings I had the last three months in America before I headed to the Philippines. Its just as exhilarating looking at the next steps and goals in my life. The world works in funny ways.

Well I'm sure after Mr. Perha's visit here I will have some fun new pictures and stories to tell. In the mean time I will keep this brief. I just wanted to let everyone know I am doing very good and still happy. I hope the same for everyone else. You are all still dearly missed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. Having read your adventures and good deeds for my fellow Filipino, it's hard to think that your about to leave the Philippines. Your blog is really enjoying and inspiring (I've been interested in reading Peace Corps blogs when I heard of Julia Campbells). Good luck and don't stop helping. Enjoy and keep safe the rest of your stay in the islands! :-)

Pinoy in LA, Ca.

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